(Los insólitos peces gato)

Mexico / 90 min
Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Claudia Sainte-Luce
Principal cast: Ximena Ayala, Lisa Owen, Sonia Franco

Some families we’re born into; some we build. And some families simply come to us, unannounced, when we least expect it. So goes the story of The Amazing Catfish. Set in Guadalajara, Mexico, this debut feature from Claudia Sainte-Luce is a sweet comedy that explores generosity and acceptance. A lonely young woman is swept into the chaotic, bittersweet family life of a single mother and her four children. Beautifully lensed by Claire Denis’ cinematographer Agnès Godard, this film’s heart will stay with you long after the credits have ended. (adapted from note by Diana Sanchez, TIFF)

Claudia, joven solitaria que trabaja en un supermercado, termina en urgencias con apendicitis. Ahí conoce a Martha, la mujer de la cama de a lado, quien vive con sus hijos. Martha invita a Claudia a su casa y se vuelven amigas. Cuando Claudia descubre que la salud de Martha se agrava, comienza a crear una conexión con sus hijos.