Devices of Wonder + Outdoor screening of LUXANDO

Echo Park Film Centre North and VLAFF host a day of experimental film exploration and screenings on Sunday, August 8 from 10am – 10pm in Moberly Park (7646 Prince Albert Street @ E 59th Avenue). Come by for any part of the day or all of it… bring a picnic!! Everyone is welcome and all activities are free admission.

Workshop (In-person outdoors at Moberly Fieldhouse): 
CINE COOKS: 10 am – 1 pm
Why use toxic chemistry to develop your Super 8, 16mm or 35mm film when you can get fantastic results without harming Mother Earth? Join us in the EPFC North Kitchen as we cook up some tasty analog film processing experiments using non-toxic ingredients from the pantry, park, farmer’s market, garden and grocery store. Each month we’ll develop half a roll of black & white film with caffenol and the other half in a fresh seasonal soup… Recipes and supplies list provided prior to the workshop for those who want to process along in real time! This month: Tecate vs Mate!!!

Devices of Wonder + Screening of LUXANDO
(In-person outdoors at Moberly Fieldhouse): 
6pm – 10 pm (screening starts around 8:30pm)

Luxando experimental film and sound screening curated by Alexandra Gelis and Jorge Lozano.

From the archives of CFMDC in Toronto, we selected six experimental films made in celluloid 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm, which share the poetics of embodiment, discontinuity, the indeterminate, analog glitch, perturbations, gaps, scratches, repetitions, chaos, noise. And, to provoke an encounter, we invited six South American artists who share these poetic frictions, in their sound practice and asked them to respond to the impact on their terms, to bring forth new possibilities.

“LUXANDO” means to dislocate, to get out of the frame, to get out of the structure, to get out of oneself, out of juncture.

 —Alexandra Gelis and Jorge Lozano

Featuring films and soundscapes by:
Joyce Wieland – Millie Wissar
Malena Szlam – Sara Fernández
Madi Piller – Ana María Romano G.
Francisca Duran – Vanessa John
Lindsay McIntrye – Inti Pujol
Kelly Egan

Free Admission. Bring snacks!

We gratefully acknowledge the support of these funders for this project:

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