Don’t Call Me Son (Mãe só há uma) Dir: Anna Muylaert Brazil

A lipstick-loving teenager must confront a life-changing family secret from the past.

Sept 4 | 6:30PM | SFU Woodward’s

Neon Bull (Boi neon) Dir: Gabriel Mascaro Brazil

A handsome cowboy works the rodeo circuit and dreams of designing exotic outfits for dancers.

AUG 26 | 3:15PM | The Cinematheque SEPT 1 | 9:15PM | The Cinematheque

I Promise You Anarchy (Te prometo anarquía) Dir: Julio Hernández Cordón Mexico

Skateboarding young punks cruise the streets of Mexico City teetering on the edge of love and danger.

AUG 25 | 7PM | Opening Night | SFU Woodward’s AUG 27 | 9PM | The Cinematheque

Viva Dir: Paddy Breathnach Cuba/Ireland

A hairdresser at a nightclub in Havana wants to perform in drag, but his macho father has other ideas.

SEPT 2 | 9:15PM | The Cinematheque SEPT 4 | 2:30PM | The Cinematheque

He Hated Pigeons (with live score by Morning Show) Chile/Canada |Dir: Ingrid Veninger

A beautifully haunting road trip from the north to the south of Chile serves as an ode to the loss of a great love.

SEPT 2 | 7PM | The Cinematheque